James Dennis

Digital Designer

Creating engaging web experiences through great design that lead to increases in engagement & conversion.
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About me

Exceptionally interested in business… great design is my passion and I devote my time to making things better. In order to achieve this in an area I felt that I have a natural talent; I have become a Digital Designer.

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Enjoying a varied career background, with each of my distinct previous work lives in sales, customer service and IT support contributing to my rounded abilities that I appreciate and use regularly in my contemporary work life as a creative.

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Technical skills

Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, XD and PhotoShop. I code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Excellent working knowledge of popular CMS, frameworks and third-party tools including Amplience, Cloudinary, Cart Assist and Shorthand. Good awareness of SEO optimisation, browser compatibility and accessibility.

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