James Dennis

Digital Designer

About me

I have in-depth knowledge of graphic design principles and web technologies. I love getting hands-on and collaborating with others to plan, prototype, design and code high quality digital solutions.

My journey to becoming a Digital Designer

When it's gone... it's gone

At early school age, I successfully brought products cheaply and sold them for a profit in the playground. In later school years I would visit car boot sales, early every Sunday to pick up used computer equipment, to then sell in the classifieds for a profit.

At college, alongside my studies, I became a mobile phone re-seller (right at the beginning of the market), selling tempting but lucrative phones and contracts (50 pence per minute!!) to fellow students. I was quick to learn the basics of profit and loss, knowing your market and selling solutions. I had an eye for business and that passion is still with me to this day.

I subscribe to the Economist, I read the BBC News business section daily, there’s consistently a business book in my ruck sack and I often find further reading material on business and economics.

Exceptionally interested in business… great design is my passion and I devote my time to making things better.

Read all about it

At the age of ten, I became the editor of a self-curated school comic (of the Beano/Dandy elk) whereby I managed the contributors, content, overall design and production, it was so successful that a fictional book was written based on it. This gave me early insight on working as a team, time management, knowing your audience and giving them what they crave.

Later, in my role at IBM, I became the editor of an internal newsletter, greatly improving the content through an increase in contributions and a new design pushing it from a single location publication to UK wide coverage.

Although effective design is incredibly important, it’s almost nothing without getting your audience engaged and contributing, leading to great content.

Friends, family and colleagues tell me that I have an great eye for effective design.

Rome wasn't built in a day

Having always been fascinated as child by the built environment, I would spend many hours re-designing or curating towns of the future, painstakingly drawing intricate plans with a passion for making things better.

I still often look at planning applications for new developments (some may see this as a little sad!) as I am fascinated at the design decisions that are made, taking into consideration the constraints and the eventual outcomes.

I am especially interested in visual mock-ups of new developments and their inherent, super important trait of conveying the dreams and aspirations effectively.

I have a passion for researching the situation, finding solutions in order to make things better.

I am an articulate and confident speaker

Not afraid to contribute to discussions and decision making but also understand the need to ensure compromise and agreement.

I see learning as a continuious process

Proud of what I know but also realise that knowledge and learning doesn’t stop at the end of formal education. I have a passion for researching the situation, finding solutions in order to make things better.

Some of my interests outside of work

I enjoy country walks with my family, cycling, travel, world cinema and anything Italian. I live in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire but am originally from South West London.